My brother’s really amazing. He doesn’t have the same background in classical music that I have, but we’ve been making music together since we were kids. I followed a more academic path and he’s more self-taught, but we’ve been playing together since forever, so he’s really, really great— I barely have to teach him anything. We have a very symbolic relationship and he’s very supportive of all this music. In a way, he’s always right there when I’m doing more experimental projects and I think it has its own kind of influence on what he’s doing as well.
Bryce Dessner on working with his twin brother Aaron on St. Carolyn by the Sea. [x] (via dessnering)

All I want for Christmas is a Dessner twin


Two very festive yet still slightly sad lil pups celebrating Christmas on The Colbert Report. [x]

As twins with bowl haircuts, Aaron and Bryce shared one baseball-card collection, played all games side by side and slept in a room with identical pairs of fixtures and furniture pieces. Every morning, Bryce would take a shower and then leave the water on for Aaron to follow. They were so close, always understanding each other in such a primary way, that when they communicated, other people couldn’t always make out what they were saying. (In the band, this is known as the twins’ “pillow talk.”)
The National Agenda, NY Times (via putonyourbathingsuits)

I was six years old in the back of my mom’s 1980 red-and-black Buick station wagon with Bryce on the way to the Baseball Card Corner to pick out cards for our birthday. We chose three cards for about $50— a 1963 Mickey Mantle, 1961 Whitey Ford, and a 1959 Duke Snider.

We really wanted a 1961 Roger Maris that had just come in— and the guy in the store says it’s the year he broke Babe Ruth’s single-season record with 61 homers and that is why it costs $28, but mom said that was more than we were allowed. We didn’t press her because she had that scary tone of voice and had just worked all day at the veterans hospital in the psych unit. On the way home she put in a Chuck Mangione tape that we hated. So we asked her to put on the horse song again.

Aaron Dessner for Pitchfork Magazine’s Ten Great Memories of Songs and Cars on America’s “A Horse with No Name” [x]


aaron & bryce dessner use their twin powers at the fillmore in charlotte, nc 9/11/13

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We’ve got two really handsome twins in our band. Er, people tell me that they’re handsome. I don’t think they’re that great looking.
Matt Berninger on the Dessner brothers on Who Charted? (ep. 157)

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