Bryce Dessner states the (very) obvious in an interview at the Holland Festival about The Long Count. [x]


Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National for The Boston Globe. [x]


"Basically the band is like this, Matt’s the dad. Scott’s the long-suffering wife. I’m the black-sheep uncle. Aaron and Bryce are the twin daughters who like to control their parents.”

Happy Birthday Aaron and Bryce Dessner (April 23, 1976)

My brother’s really amazing. He doesn’t have the same background in classical music that I have, but we’ve been making music together since we were kids. I followed a more academic path and he’s more self-taught, but we’ve been playing together since forever, so he’s really, really great— I barely have to teach him anything. We have a very symbolic relationship and he’s very supportive of all this music. In a way, he’s always right there when I’m doing more experimental projects and I think it has its own kind of influence on what he’s doing as well.
Bryce Dessner on working with his twin brother Aaron on St. Carolyn by the Sea. [x] (via dessnering)